by Dear Dust

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    Dear Dust - "BLUE"
    (EP - CD)
    Label: Lonely Raven Records//NoReason Records//Bad Bad Brain Inc.//I Buy Records//Let's Goat Rec.
    Released: December 7th, 2016

    1 - Edward Mordrake
    2 - All Of This
    3 - White/Kind/Pure
    4 - Bitter
    5 - At The End Of The World
    6 - Ever Tried

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released December 7, 2016

Recorded & Mixed at "Okinami Recording Studio" By Matteo Gobessi.
Mastered at "Pisi Audio Mastering" by Claudio Pisi
Artwork by Manuel Zingale



all rights reserved


Dear Dust Rome, Italy

Dear Dust is a punk rock trio from Rome, Italy, formed in January 2012.
We talk about love, death and fire with a negative mental attitude.
Enjoy the fall, enjoy the crash.

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Track Name: Edward Mordrake
It's just like life is giving me chances
to never look back again but,
I just like what the other voice is
Wake up again.
Wake up!
Woke up next to nothing.
Out of all these bricks, they're nothing.
I can build a castle. I'm not giving up.
I'm stealing all of
Nick Cave's sad songs
'cause they sound so real.
Woke up next to nothing.
The other voice is saying something.
A familiar pain. Well, I gave up.
I couldn't plug my ears 'cause it
screams and rips
inside my chest.
You promised me "I'll always stay."
Now this voice of doom's keeping me awake.
Tomorrow, please, never come. No.
I never wanted it. I never needed it
I don't deserve this and it's so clear.
I only wanted to stay and marry you someday.
You know nothing goes my way. The other voice said "no".
Wake up again.
Wake up!
Track Name: All Of This
In middle of the struggle you came.
I found the strenght, you cut my legs
and left me fall behind.
They stabbed me before the suicide.
Exiled into a bottle
Abandoned into a sad routine.
A stranger in your sight.
Another kind of homicide.
But I'm in love and I don't care.
I know it's better out of my way
It's like I'm drinking bleach in hopes of better times,
of better days.
Maybe you can't imagine
all the times I fell.
No, you'll never comprehend.
And now I'm waiting.
Nothing's yet to come.
I'm not pretending it's OK.
I'm a crashing aeroplane.
And I'm a hole full of nothing.
I'm just a ghost that haunts no place.
I'm a scarecrow in a desert place.
I'm all of this.
Track Name: White/Kind/Pure
No grey cloud on my snow white vision.
Kind and pure.
I've been waiting for my salvation,
feared no doom.
Burning wounds for my expectations
seemed absurd.
I did it all for you. I did it all to
make it perfect.
Now I'm naked and afraid.
I've always watched all these flies for years.
And it's alright you won't be there
with hatred.
Well, can we start from here
to heal our own wounds and not to abandon?
I swear it'll never be same. And in that
moment made of three months I've felt worse than I remember.
But I remember.
Now I'm able to suffer with no hatred.
Track Name: Bitter
I fell apart
too many times to live.
It's not something to notice.
It's just a waste of everything.
I figured out
I can save nothing.
Your selfish care for everything you need.
I fell apart
and there's nothing left to keep.
Can you erase your memories?
How could you fill this everything?
I figured out
that everything's not coming back.
How could I avoid this endless hell?
I've been working on my senses
to let them crash against denials.
I'm fire not daylight.
I'm wide awake
Alone, like you.
Your best chance like fireflies.
I'm barely changed, alone.
You breathe the wind from the beach,
far away from my door, happy.
And my funeral hair
won't shadow your dreams, no more.
I feel the void inside
crawling down the floor with my aching spine. I'm dying
'cause you don't wanna see me rise. Hell, no.
No more.
Track Name: At The End Of The World
I'm becoming a dreary clown. Drunken mouth.
A machine-gun that's shooting shit, hate and love.
I'm becoming a dreary clown. Drunken mouth.
A machine-gun that's shooting shit, hate and love.
Have you ever seen a king decay so quickly?
Lose everything you love and then you'll see.
I'm ripped but I learned how... to be gold
and how to give you a place to stay.
Here we are again. Repetition.
In Krakow I tried to avoid that freezing
and when I woke up I really thought
"This must be the place".
And I learned how... to be gold
and how to give you a place to stay.
Here we are again. Repetition.
Repetition's gone
with all my purposes to wake up
and to take it over.
I wish I could stay here.
And it's ending
but I know there's a new place where we'll meet
at the end of...
Yeah, at the end of...
At the end of the world.
Track Name: Ever Tried
I can't ignore these dreary frequencies.
I've been waiting more than I can weep.
I've been watching parasites.
Stuck on the bottom, here, paralyzed.
Time gave no rest into my deep blue sea.
I'm floating with a cork and bricks.
I've been watching months go by.
Stuck on the bottom, here, paralyzed.
It's like the thunder and the storm and the sky that took the form
of a demon in my view when the rest of heaven was blue.
And, were we always blue?
I didn't walk for days.
I'm looking closer just to realize it's almost time to leave
and I've been waiting for that time with never-ending breaths to share.
And maybe I'll keep them down in hell.
It's annoying in your eyes. It's like a never-ending...
night... It's getting closer and I couldn't find a way to see.
You're begging me to understand. What does it mean?
What does it mean?
Ever tried. Ever failed.
No matter. Try Again.
Try again. Fail better.
The end.